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How It Works


2. induce differentiation

HARE Protein

3. Skin regeneration

1. Activation of keratin stem cells

Clinical Test

4 weeks


Skin Regeneration

About 90% of the dermal tissue is composed by keratinocytes which produce keratin and collagen (I, IV) and about 10% of melanocytes which produce melanin

Mode of action


They attach to the keratinocytes in the dermal tissue. It induces the regeneration and survival of keratin cells, induces cell division for the regeneration of new dermal tissue and indirectly activate melanocytes through the activation of keratinocytes in the dermal tissue to regulate melanin production.


1. Strengthens the skin, and tightens skin pores to prevent outbreaks of sebum  


2. Retains more moisture in the skin


3. Protects the skin from harmful UV rays, and prevents skin disorders such as blotches