How It Works

Clinical Test

4 months

7 months

Prevent hair loss and induce hair growth

It takes 2 to 4 months to shift from the telogen phase (resting phase after the hair falls off) of the hair growth cycle into the anagen phase (growing phase) and during this period, the cells in our head (dermal papilla cells, keratinocytes, melanocytes epithelial cells) are constantly multiplying. The stimulation and activation of these cells is vital when it comes to hair growth and regeneration.

Mode of action


They attach to the dermal papilla cells and keratinocytes inside the dermal papilla. It proliferates the division of hair stem cells and progenitor cells, as well as indirectly activating melanin-producing proteins in hair through the dermal papilla cells and keratin production.



1. Activates hair growth and hair regeneration

2. Prevents hair whitening

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